Web-Based Services

   MEET ON THE WEB! Many of our great services can be provided via the internet and/or some combination of internet, email, telephone, fax, internet camera and so on.

   Most of our great services can be provided using the internet and other technology. This option works best when time is crucial, funding does not allow for travel, services are not          needed at multiple sites, and/or the presenting problem is not overly complex or severe. Using our distance consulting methods we have been able to successfully conduct                    evaluations, develop individuals treatment programs, train others to carry out the treatment procedures, monitor implementation of the treatment procedures, and monitor progress        towards achieving treatment goals. Our staff can also help with behavior problems and teaching new skills to difficult-to-teach individuals.

We also have a variety of live and streamed training events that can be accessed via the internet.

Web-Based Services

If you have a high-speed internet connection we can provide a wide variety of consultation and training services to you, without either of us leaving home! We offer both individualized therapy and educational services as well as general training for therapists, teachers, behavior analysts and others. We specialize in the following internet-based services. Of course, if you don't see what you need below, contact us; we'll be happy to discuss your needs and see if we can help.

   Individual ABA assessment, program development and training
   Individual behavior problem assessment, program development and training*
   Individual skills training program development and training
   Consultation to agencies providing behavioral treatment to individuals
   Staff education and training in all aspects of applied behavior analysis and effective educational practices
   Parent education and training
   Continuing education

   Many others

   *Note: This option is not appropriate for severe or overly complex cases

How it Works

Contact our office to discuss your specific needs and determine the most appropriate web-based consultation services and schedule. We'll then send you a written proposal describing exactly what we'll do and how we'll do it.

Your consultant will contact you to confirm the internet consultation activities; finalize the schedule and make sure everyone understands exactly what will done, with whom it will be done and when it will be done; and answer any last-minute questions.

The internet consultation will follow the established schedule of activities. It is important that all persons involved in the consultation are where they should be at the time they are supposed to be there. This will help ensure that no time is wasted during the internet consultation. Your consultant will give you daily updates (if the consultation is scheduled for multiple days) to keep you informed of the process and the progress being made and work out any schedule changes that may be necessary to meet your needs. At the end of the consultation visit, your consultant will thoroughly debrief you on the progress made and give you recommendations for any suggested follow up, if necessary.

Your consultant will follow up with you according to the schedule agreed upon in the proposal and/or during the internet consultation. Follow up may or may not be needed depending upon the nature of the consultation.