If your child is falling behind in school, our specialized educational tutoring services can improve his or her grades dramatically. Or, if you want to jump start your child’s education, our specialized educational tutoring services can help put him or her at the top of class. We use only the most effective, scientifically-proven methods for teaching new academic skills and for improving poor academic performance. Our tutoring services build fluency and retention that translates directly to higher test scores at school and our tutoring procedures have been clinically-proven to be effective at improving poor academic performance.

Our state-of-the-art educational services are designed to teach the child basic and advanced academic skills. We utilize the most effective curriculum available. In the largest experiment ever conducted, Project Follow Through, which spanned nearly 30 years and cost 1 billion dollars, found the Direct Instruction curriculum to be the most effective of all programs studied in enhancing students’ academic, cognitive, and affective skills (click here for more info on Direct Instruction and Project Follow Through). We combine Direct Instruction with Precision Teaching (click here for an article on precision teaching) methods to produce even more dramatic progress in basic academic areas including reading, mathematics, writing, spelling and handwriting.

We provide individualized, targeted tutoring one-to-one with your child. These specialized tutoring services stand far about traditional tutoring services which are typically more akin to homework assistance, provided in groups. All tutoring services are supervised by Board Certified Behavior Analysts with specialized training in Direct Instruction and Precision Teaching. The programs are rigorous and demanding – meaning your child learns quickly and retains what she has learned. However, the programs are fun and engaging. Many children actually look forward to their sessions. This is a great complement to home schooling as well! 

Our Tutoring Services are Appropriate for Children Who . . .

Are diagnosed with autism, AD/HD, developmental disorders or learning disabilities

Have difficulties learning and mastering new academic material

Have difficulty with retention and/or comprehension

Need to become more better and more fluent in a particular subject

Are falling behind their peers in one or more subjects

Need a bit of extra work to “jump start” their education and put them at the head of the class when they start school




How Does it Work?

ASSESSMENT. We begin with our academic assessment. This assessment tells us exactly where the child is on the subject(s) being tutored and where we need to start our tutoring.

TUTORING. Research shows that in order to be most effective, tutoring must occur at least four days per week for about an hour. This is more effective than doing two hours, twice a week. During the tutoring session the child will be presented with lots of practice with the subject matter. He or she will get the opportunity to make hundreds and hundreds of learning opportunities during each session. We make extensive use of positive reinforcement to teach the child to respond correctly and to actually build fluency with the subject matter.

MONITORING PROGRESS. We monitor the child's progress every single day in order to determine just how well the child is learning. For example if reading fluency is the concern, we will measure the number of words the child reads correctly and incorrectly in one minute time samples. These are designed to provide valuable information for the tutor and also to serve as motivation for the children. The children actually enjoy these timings and it is common for them to ask for a timing to try to beat their previous record.  

LENGTH OF SERVICES. There is no set limit to the length of time the services last. Once the child is nearing, or often exceeding, the performance of his or her peers, the parents typically discontinue the services. And since the child has not only learned the subject matter – he or she has "learned to learn" – future problems are often avoided.

These services are available at our treatment centers, at your home or school in south Florida. We can train you or others and develop a curriculum for your child anywhere else in the world. Contact us today to get started or to get more information at (954) 577-7790 or at Info@Behavior-Analysis.Org.