Services in South Florida


  Many families travel to South Florida for their child's therapy. Some come for a few weeks. Some come for months. You can get our state-of-the-art services for your child or you can   have us train you and others on the program and supervise it long-distance after you return. The choice is yours.

  You can travel to Ft. Lauderdale and take advantage of our outstanding services as well as everything else beautiful south Florida has to offer. Imagine receiving state-of-the-art therapy for your child while taking advantage of Florida's world class beaches, restaurants, shopping, arts, sporting events, entertainment, as well as visiting area attractions including the Florida Keys, the Everglades, Disney World, Sea World and more. Or, just relax around the pool (year round!) and let us do the work! No matter how long you visit, we promise a valuable and rewarding experience.


Our basic Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy package includes state-of-the-art services for your child. You may also wish to get training for you and your team of professionals so that the ABA therapy may continue uninterrupted once you return home. Our ABA therapy is available in:

     English • Spanish • French • Italian • Creole

These services are available during the summer months of June, July and August. The number of available spots is limited and they filll up quickly. Contact us today to reserve your spot. Our basic ABA package includes the following:

  • A thorough assessment of your child's strengths and weaknesses across many critical areas including speech, language, communication, cognition, behavior, social, play, and academic
  • An individualized ABA program specifically designed to meet your child's own unique needs
  • 20 or more hours per week of intense, one-to-one ABA therapy from one of our autism teaching specialists
  • Weekly progress updates and consultation from your child's program supervisor who is certified by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board
  • Two or more weeks of therapy


  • Additional hours per week are available in 5-hour increments
  • Additional weeks are available in one-week increments (recommended)
  • Training for up to three people on ABA teaching methods and how to teach your own child's therapy program, including hands-on practice actually teaching your own child under supervision by our expert teachers
  • Additional behavioral consultation for other issues related to your child
  • Behavior problem assessment, program development and training
  • Academic evaluation, program development and tutoring
  • Follow up program consultation and program supervision when you return home

How it Works

Contact our office to discuss your specific needs and we'll create a program just for you! We will also provide you with any documentation you may need for travel or other reasons. We only accept a limited
number of long-distance clients at any one time to ensure we can provide the most effective services possible, so reserve y our spot early. We will also be very happy to make recommendations about places to stay, transportation and anything else you need to help you profit from and enjoy  your stay in Florida.

You will receive our assessment tool and instructions on completing the tool. This will form the basis of your child's preliminary program (although  we will adjust the program once we actually begin working with, and getting to know, your child).

Send your completed assessment tool and related documents to us and we will begin developing your child's preliminary program.

Your child's program supervisor will contact you about any clinical issues, what to do and what to expect the first few days of therapy and answer any last-minute questions.

Arrive at the scheduled time and meet with your child's therapy team and we'll get right to work with your child. The first day or two involves getting to know your child, establishing a bond with him or her and creating an environment that your child will enjoy (and also learn!).

You may watch your child's therapy on our closed-circuit televisions if you wish. If you, your child and your child's therapy team feel comfortable with you leaving our therapy center while your child is in therapy, you may do so as long as you return at the scheduled time. You will also be given a brief update of how well your child did that day in therapy.

You may meet with your child's program supervisor to discuss progress, plans for the following week, and other important issues.

We are available for consultation once your return home on your child's program, behavioral issues and just about any other issue that may arise with his or her educational or behavioral needs. Just call your child's program supervisor to arrange these follow up services. If you plan on carrying out the therapy plan when you return home, it's critical that you be fully trained on appropriate ABA teaching methods in general and how to teach your child's therapy plan in particular. Our option for training individuals to carry out the program is perfect when you want to keep the progress going at home.