José Antonio

We are the parents of two beautiful boys. José Antonio is 5 and Luis Rafael is 4. With José Antonio was the first time we came to know about Autism Spectrum Disorder. Thank God we didn't just know about how autism changes a family`s life, we also knew about great people who were able to support us: "Behavior Analysis, Inc."

At the very beginning when we were sent to the Miami Center, they told us that the person in charge and her team were super! But we can say that it's more than that! We found a great team who made us feel like we arrived at home and guided us to learn everything possible to help our son. We have experienced great feelings after we saw our son making eye contact, asking for water, looking for kisses, hugs and some kind of interaction, including spontaneously seeking our interaction.  Even though we can see that he is not the most functional boy, we are so happy to see him at a typical school gaining things, playing with the peers, learning about his enviroment, joining activities, making signs while his peers sing a mother´s day or christmas song on a small theater. We can see him happy with all the tools this team helped us give him!!! After 3 years of treatment with the accurate program we have seen a world of diference, we feel we have a new boy and left back the 2 year old boy that seemed to be lost. We can now say that he`s in touch almost all the time now. Luis Rafael, our smallest son, has some behavior problems and we have found all the answers here too.

We walk together with the profesionals, we feel they are part of our family, it`s more than a support, we feel they really care about our children`s progress and safety. We belive BAI is a team with a high level of professionalism, but we also think that there is a special grace upon them too, that can explain the sweetneess, carefullness, disposition, creativity, fun and joy they always have; this is very hard to put together and they do it very well! 

Thanks BAI for helping our sons and family and for being there everytime we need you! Big Hugs to all the people we can`t see, and to our greatest support, our programs supervisior Krystine Cardenas and of course to all the therapist we have been seeing there, you girls are awesome and you make this team very special!!!!!!

— Herrera-Castañeda Family
(José, Priscilla, José Antonio, Luis Rafael)   
May 2, 2012
Santo Domingo, Dom. Rep.