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     Feedback from the families we serve is of paramount importance to us. After all, they have entrusted the lives of their children to us and we take this responsibility very seriously. We don't rest until our families are happy with the progress of their loved ones. If they are happy, we are happy.

     We continually solicit feedback from our clients and use it to guide our total quality assurance process. Here's what a sample of what our valued customers are saying about us. Many of these families have agreed to be contacted by other families considering services with Behavior Analysis, Inc. and its Florida Autism Treatment Centers. Just contact us and we'd be happy to put you in touch with some of our current and past clients. You can click on the video button next to some of the comments for a video testimonial.


At the age of two, our daughter Shayla, was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  It was devastating news for our family; we did not fully understand what ASD represented, but we were told that it is a lifelong condition, which severely impairs a person's ability to communicate.  As we became aware of what we were facing, reality started to 


Before we started Behavior Analysis, Inc. my son Ryan, had many behaviors that hindered his health and lifestyle. One of the key behaviors that we focused on was eating new food. Ryan's food intake was extremely limited. No meat, vegetables or fruit. 


Me hubiera gustado haber oído hablar antes de ABA. Ahora soy una madre feliz y satisfecho por el progreso de mi hija ha hecho en estos cuatro años y la calidad de los terapeutas entrenados. El progreso en sí se ha hecho una gran diferencia. Fue increíble ver cómo sólo después de un mes de ABA comenzar mi hija era capaz de hablar sin parar...


Alex, after 3 years of being the most brilliant and outgoing child, all of the sudden was the quietest and most solitaire little boy. Several doctors’ appointments and tests diagnosed Alex with “delays” and “traumas” but nobody could tell us what was wrong with our son. Speech therapy, Occupational Therapy could not help for him, until a 

José Antonio

We are the parents of two beautiful boys. José Antonio is 5 and Luis Rafael is 4. With José Antonio was the first time we came to know about Autism Spectrum Disorder. Thank God we didn't just know about how autism changes a family`s life, we also knew about great people who were able to support us: "Behavior Analysis, Inc."


We cannot say enough about Eliana Millan and the caring dedicated professional staff at BAI. Since our daughter started ABA therapy she has made tremendous gains academically. BAI has helped with potty training, behavioral issues at home and school, and got our daughter to speak her first true word "ham". We love that the center has


Mi hijo ha estado desde hace seis meses con Behavior Analysis  trabajando con el desarrollo de su lenguaje y puedo decir que mi hijo ha progresado algo impresionante. Antes del mes yo pude observar mejoras en su comunicacion, entendimiento y comportamiento. Por ende mi hijo es un nino mas feliz. Tengo que agradecer el trabajo maravilloso 

Sebastian S.

Our pride & joy, Sebastian was on track at 20 months, uttering his first 2 word phrases and loving all interaction…after a bout of ear infections, he withdrew into his own silent world and stopped speaking - yet he always had a smile that brightens anyone’s day. Although we did get a Spectrum diagnosis 8 months later,  as we pressed for answers on his 


He visto gran progeso. El ha comenzado a hablar, tambien a mirar fijo a los ojos. Su comportamiento a cambieado completamente. El ha dejado de ser caprichoso,  de llorar, gritar y de lastimarse a si mismo... Hemos encontrado una forma de comunicarnos efectivamente con el, a travez del progeso de David estamos progresando nosotros tambien como familia...


 It’s hard to describe [how I felt when we learned of his diagnosis] - lost scared, shocked. .. I didn't know what to do. .. I got Speech Pathologists and OT. At the beginning each therapy was equal but I found that if I focused more on ABA, Aziz would benefit more . . .


Thanks to Behavior Analysis, Inc. our son Corey has made tremendous strides in his acquisition of speech and language. After 8 moths, he has graduated from his Complex Place class to a regular Place Class in the fall.

— Sue, Mom to Corey


Before Hal came here, his behavior was non-compliant, self-destructive . . . he would attack people, hang on to them and not let go. That's very important to me that he does not do that anymore.

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 — Brenda, Grandmother to Hal


Behavior Analysis has made a world of difference in my child. We are so fortunate to have found the only ABA Therapist in our very small town, Key West. She is wonderful and we are lucky to have her.

— Marisol in Key West, Florida


Our son started at Behavior Analysis, Inc. when he was one year and ten months. By then he could say about 7 words and had little receptive and communication skills.  He did not answer to his name, and in general he was in his own world.  It took two months for Jason to learn to say two words: “bubble” and “movie”. After eight months of intensive 


Around twelve months, Bryan started regressing. His vocabulary … ten to twelve words – became “mute.” … We've seen Bryan make great strides since Bryan started here about a year and a half ago.
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—  Carmen, Mother of Bryan


Behavior Analysis's ABA program is far superior to any other treatment our 2 year old Autistic son has received. We received ABA and speech elsewhere prior to using BAI. He is matched with a first rate therapist and Manager; both patient, highly skilled and extremely adept at adapting to our son's needs. I highly recommend Behavior Analysis to


Devastated, definitely devastated - just hearing the diagnosis confirmed our fears… [Progress] was gradual at first. As soon as maybe 2 weeks he was already going from a few new sounds every couple of months to new words every couple of days to a whole new frame of mind, basically. 
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— Valerie, Mother of Connor


I am the grandmother of a 4 year old autistic boy. He has been receiving 10 hours a week of ABA therapy at Behavior Analysis Inc. for 10 months now and we are very satisfied with the progress he has made. The therapists are well trained and work very hard and the analysts are very good.

— Josephina L., Miami, FL

Jason P.

Jason is progressing quite nicely. He is now asking for things in a complete sentence and his eye contact has improved tremendously. Thanks to Erica, his therapist, and staff at Behavior Analysis, Inc. for all their hard work and dedication.

—The Perdomo Family


I am the mother of two beautiful children. My oldest Brittney is seventeen years old and full of life. My second child is Nicholas; he is four years and was diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder before the age of two. Nicholas met all of his developmental milestones right on time. He sat on his own at six months, crawled at nine months, walked