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Behavior Analysis, Inc. also has a sister company, Behavior Analysis and Therapy, Inc. (BAT). BAT is a non-profit 501(C)(3) corporation that provides behavioral services funded by competitive governmental grants. BAT presently operates two programs: Behavioral Education and Therapy and Parenting for Success. Both programs are funded entirely by the Children’s Network of Southwest Florida, which is the local community-based care agency for Circuit 20, covering Lee, Charlotte, Collier, Hendry and Glades counties. Both programs operate in all five counties.

Behavioral Education and Therapy Program

Behavioral Education and Therapy (BET) is a diversion program designed to prevent children and families from entering further into the child welfare system. Referrals come directly to the program from state Child Protective Investigators and focus on families who are at risk due to the behavior of one or more adolescent children in the home. Participation in the program by these families is voluntary. This program is unique not only in its approach, but also in its focus on providing needed services to a typically under served population – individuals and families who are at risk but who are not yet "in the system." In the past, these individuals and families would not receive any services until it was too late – someone was harmed and a child had to be removed from his or her home. Fortunately, due to the foresighted vision of the Children's Network of Southwest Florida, we are able to keep families together, making a difference not only in the lives of those family members but also the larger community. The program has been highly successful in reducing behavior problems, improving family relationships and keeping families together. There have also been substantial savings to the state of Florida; however these pale into comparison with the immeasurable value of keeping families intact.

How it Works

REFERRAL. A state Child Protective Investigator makes a referral to the program based on a suspected abuse, neglect or exploitation of a child due to his or her behavior. We presently accept referrals for children between 10 and 18 years old.

FAMILY CONTACT. A program staff member contacts the family by phone, describes the program and offers our services. If the family accepts services, an appointment is made for the first home-visit. If the family declines our services, the case is closed and no further action is taken on our part.

HOME VISITS. Program staff (behavior analyst) visits the family home and conducts an thorough eco-behavioral assessment of the behavior problems and the family's response to the behavior problem. We then develop behaviorally-based interventions designed to improve the child's behavior and family relationships. The parents and significant others are trained on how to carry out the interventions. Follow up visits are provided to ensure that the interventions are successful and that the family is equipped with the skills needed to deal with any future problem behaviors that may arise.

FOLLOW UP. If the family experiences problems after our home visits have stopped, they may contact us for additional assistance. Program staff may provide telephone assistance or on-site assistance.

Note: This is not a crisis management program and is only available to families referred to us by Florida Child Protective Investigators. We cannot provide services to other persons.

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Our program staff are among the most dedicated and caring people you will find anywhere. Furthermore, they are very highly trained and experienced in dealing with a wide variety of problem behaviors and family issues. For a brief bio, just click on a name.



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