We are excited to announce that to start 2020 we have launched our new Teen & Adult program for individuals with autism. Services are provided wherever they are needed whether in the home, community, or workplace. The program includes the following THREE TRACKS.:

Home and Community - Focuses on teaching important skills that are necessary to become more independent in the home, as well as navigating successfully anywhere in the community whether at a grocery store or shopping mall.

Employment - Maintaining successful employment requires much more than simply knowing how to complete a few tasks. For individuals with autism there may be challenges with multi-tasking, handling verbal conflict ,or simply knowing how to handle a spontaneous group lunch. We teach those “hard to learn” skills critical for success in the workplace.

Educational - Whether it’s learning how to take notes from teachers and professors with different teaching styles, to making friends on a college campus, this track addresses all the necessary skills for success.

Call us now for more information! Medicaid and most commercial insurance accepted.