Sebastian S.

Our pride & joy, Sebastian was on track at 20 months, uttering his first 2 word phrases and loving all interaction…after a bout of ear infections, he withdrew into his own silent world and stopped speaking - yet he always had a smile that brightens anyone’s day. Although we did get a Spectrum diagnosis 8 months later,  as we pressed for answers on his loss of speech; we went through various speech therapies which at best, only addressed verbal communication.  I learned that communication was more than verbal, and even though my son did not have what we deemed ‘behavioral issues’ { everyone who met him thought he was so pleasant, well behaved and of course quiet!}  another mother who’s son attended BAI (Behavior Analysis, Inc.) advised me on the positive changes in her son.  Of course I did my homework, and noted that the foundations of ABA was data, which provides you with Proof… and we needed results.  Every day he progresses, Sebastian is once again speaking words, and I saw how ABA worked to direct his frustration to communicate before he gave up or perhaps tantrumed.  They provided our son with a support to channel his energy and focus on his need to communicate. I attribute the strides in his communication and personal growth to the valued team at BAI.  Considering our son’s delays, I wish I would have considered ABA sooner.

— Sebastian's Mom