Alex, after 3 years of being the most brilliant and outgoing child, all of the sudden was the quietest and most solitaire little boy. Several doctors’ appointments and tests diagnosed Alex with “delays” and “traumas” but nobody could tell us what was wrong with our son. Speech therapy, Occupational Therapy could not help for him, until a devastating August 2007 when the right diagnosis came out, “PDD-NOS-Autism”.

I just wanted to wake up, it was a nightmare. Then the fight started. By this time Alex had not improved in any area. It took 2 years to finally start this journey. Therapies continued but still no progress. Hopes were far away, but I heard about this place called Behavior Analysis, Inc. I called, I had nothing to lose, and this was just the beginning of when our life changed. They have been “angels” to our little boy. In few months his progress is amazing and unbelievable. My hopes are back. Alex is now aware of his environment, his eye contact is back, his communication skills improves every second with incredible answers. What I like about Behavior Analysis, Inc. is not only the way they broke down skills into small steps and motivate the child, it’s also the love, dedication and time they take with each child and their parents. Alex’s progress has been formidable and every day, each therapy session is full of learning, joy and praise. I have no words to thank Krystine and Natasha, his therapist, whose patience and knowledge has brought me my baby back out of his shell. You are the best, It’s a long way but with your help we know we are going to make it……..Thanks

— Madeline, Mother of Alex - 6 years old