Our Employees

All Behavior Analysts are not created equal!

     Finding a qualified person to really make a difference in someone's life is a difficult task. Unfortunately, there are many persons who claim to have behavioral expertise, and whom may have even taken a class or two, but are not truly qualified to deal with children and adolescents who may be difficult to teach. We've taken the guesswork out of finding truly competent and caring professionals. Our formula for finding quality professionals has worked very well for us and, as a result, for our clients.

About Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts

     We carefully select our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) from the leading behavioral graduate training programs in the United States. We have established relationships with many of these programs who actively send us their best graduate students. Each of our BCBAs is formally educated, trained, and experienced in state-of-the-art behavioral intervention. They are all  professional behavior analysts who attended graduate school specifically to become a behavior analyst – this is not just something they picked up as part of their education or training in some other field. There is a vast difference in the skills acquired by someone who is trained extensively in a given field versus someone who merely took a few courses in that field. Consider what you would do if you had some serious legal needs? Would you hire an attorney who graduated from Harvard Law? Or, would you hire a behavior analyst who took a few legal courses online (even though the behavior analyst was cheaper)? This situation may seem ridiculous but every day people are holding themselves out as being an expert in behavior analysis with inadequate education, training and supervision to meet the client's real needs. Wait, there's more! We don't stop at just hiring the best behavior analysts possible. We provide additional training and education as part of our pre-service and in-service training to ensure our BCBAs are truly providing state-of-the-art services. Finally, each and every BCBA, no matter how well educated and trained, is actively supervised by a more senior behavior analyst because we believe everyone can and should continue to learn throughout their professional careers.

About Our Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts

     Likewise, we recruit our Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts (BCaBAs) in the same way and hire only those who meet our rigorous standards. Each BCaBA is enrolled in our intensive pre-service training program to ensure they can provide the behavioral expertise we commit to providing to our clients. In addition to this pre-service training program, our BCaBAs receive ongoing continuing education and other professional development and are actively supervised by one or more of our BCBAs. This ensures the highest quality of services to our valued clients. Many of our BCaBAs are also enrolled in Master's Degree programs in Behavior Analysis and are on their way to becoming Board Certified Behavior Analysts.

About Our Therapists

     Our Therapists come to us from local colleges and universities, where several of our Board Certified Behavior Analysts teach. Our criteria for selecting Therapists are that they love kids, are energetic (it takes a lot of energy to be "on" for hours at a time), are enthusiastic (a key to the success of our program is that the learning sessions are fun and engaging) and that they can pass our rigorous training program. We've found that some persons with lots and lots of experience working with children with autism are often not the best teachers; they have frequently learned to teach using methods that are not the current state-of-the-art and are often unwilling or unable to change. We much prefer someone energetic, enthusiastic and open to learning how to teach the more effective way possible. This said, only about one-third of the applicants make it through our screening process and of these only about 75% pass our training program. This insures that those who "survive" our training program are the "cream of the crop" and is a major reason why our clients are learning at such a rapid pace.

About all of Our Staff

     All of our staff must also pass a rigorous background screening. This "Level 2" screening is required of every single staff member in the company, irrespective of her or his position. The screening requires each individual to pass both federal (FBI) and local law enforcement criminal background checks as well as pass extensive reference checks.

     Finally, every single one of our clinical staff is a warm and caring person. We firmly believe that effective therapy requires both a head (education and training) and a heart (truly caring about our clients). We don't hire anyone that we would not let work with a member of our own family. This philosophy has served us well. The single most frequent compliment we hear is about the excellent quality of our staff.

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