Alex Maasdam B.S.

Mr. Alex Maasdam is an Administrative Assistant for Behavior Analysis and Therapy, Inc. in Southwest Florida. Alex provides support for both the Behavioral Education and Therapy Program and Parenting for Success Program as well as translation services and interpretation for Spanish-speaking clients when requested. Alex received his bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a specialization in Family and Child Therapy from Liberty University, and he also gained experience with clinical behavioral interventions while working with children who had learning disabilities during his senior practicum.

After graduation, Alex has worked on humanitarian projects in South America for the past three years while pursing the goal of developing Spanish fluency, most recently completing a fellowship through the Colombian Ministry of Education while helping inner city youth in rural Colombia. He now combines his interest in psychological services and helping underprivileged social populations by working with Behavior Analysis and Therapy, Inc to serve families in the greater Southwest Florida area.


  • B.S. in Psychology and Counselling
  • Native level Spanish fluency certification from ECELA (partners with the Cervantes Institute of Spanish language)


  • Photography and the fine arts
  • Musical performance, especially Western musical genres of the 20th century
  • International culture and cuisine
  • Cycling
  • Making good memories with friends and family